Exercises for Women

Shaping your thighs, butt, abs and core for that look you’ve always wanted!

We are starting a series of exercises that are important to women as they shape their bodies, and we are going to focus on areas like the hamstrings, the glutes, the lower back, the shoulders, everything that creates that aesthetic look in a woman, while burning calories and reducing body fat and shaping the body. So one of the first things that we are going to focus on is the lower body and this is a big problem area for women.

The next exercise is an exercise that is going to focus on the hips, especially those areas on the outer thigh and bringing that together making and creating a very aesthetic feminine look. So we are going to focus on lateral movements in this exercise and then we are going to bring in another exercise, a form of superset, that is really going to stretch and contract this area as well.

You know one of the biggest problems in people’s physique and just in keeping from getting back aches and hurting the lower back is the fact that most people do not know how to incorporate what they call the posterior kinetic chain - all those muscles along the back, to keep you stable, to keep you from injury. This next superset really focuses on that posterior kinetic.

The walking lunges are great exercises to perform especially because it really incorporates a lot of balance and a lot of muscle recruitment all over the body. But there is an aspect that really calls in the cardiovascular system as well.

This exercise is for glutes and hamstrings. We are going to get in to a deep squat and we are going to constantly, constantly bombard that whole glute/ham area by keeping it under constant tension, pumping some blood in there and really get it to fatigue a lot quicker. I recommend this exercise as part of a superset, anything you do with legs, whether it as a lunge, you are stepping up on to a bench, you can end with this, it really emphasizes that area.

This exercise, at first glance, it looks like a lunge, but it is more of what I would call a dynamic dead lift. It is really an exercise that focuses on the glutes and hamstrings again, while emphasizing some stability in the core, especially the lower back and all along the back.

The next exercise is a very basic exercise but I think it is worth kind of breaking it down and really looking at the right way of performing it. It's is going to really pull in the inner thighs and even the outer thighs near the glutes or the hips and then we are going to bring bring her stance in and really focus on getting a good stretch in the hamstrings.

The next exercise really calls in those muscles that balance you. It is the muscles that athletes depend on to stay stable on the core, or the ball field. I recommend this for any athlete that is training with weights as a finishing movement, but also there is an aspect of this exercise that really helps in developing a balance or symmetry to the body just to look better and really shape their body.

This is a really interesting superset in that it uses a very traditional movement. It is just a dumbbell chest press and then we are going to incorporate a finishing movement that really causes those muscles to strengthen the shoulders in the chest area so that there is a lot of stability there, especially for people who have had chronic shoulder problems.

This exercise we are going to perform is dynamic in nature. I recommend that you use this maybe toward the end of an upper body workout. It brings in the shoulders, the chest, the core, the abs, it brings everything in, the glutes, the hamstrings, the lower back.

This exercise is really tough to explain because we are bringing in three different exercises into one. We are bringing in a dumbbell row, a plank exercise that is really going to focus on the core, a squat, a dead lift, all in one. This is a dynamic exercise, in other words, it is a continuous exercise, there is really no rest in this movement.

In this exercise we are incorporating abdominals into very basic movements, like a dumbbell chest press and a pull over. So you are going to see performing this exercise together not only saves you time in the gym but it is actually really intense for your core, your abdominals.

This exercise is an ab exercise. This exercise is designed to take the hip flexors out of the picture, and how do we do that? Well, we are going to contract the glutes and hamstrings and that forces the hip flexors to relax and really ensure that they do not come in to play, we are going to put them in a very stretched position where they cannot contract. So this is going to be an exercise that totally isolates the ab muscles.

2 hanging and 2 bench exercises. We will put a little more emphasis on the lower abdomen area and so you might feel it fatigue a little faster than the upper region of the abdominals.

We’re going to do is a variation of a pump pushup. This is going to be an exercise that is going to incorporate the core, and it’s also going to show you how much core strength you have – not only in your abdomen, but also in your posterior kinetic chain, which is your back, your glutes and your hamstrings.

In this next exercise, we’re really calling on someone’s conditioning. This is a great way to incorporate several movements into one, where we’re going to involve the lower back, shoulders, the glutes, the hamstrings, the quads. And then incorporate the chest muscles. I will do this probably with a chest workout. I think especially for women, that’s going to be the weak link in this exercise.