Kettle Bells

Workouts and instructions to strengthen and develop the muscles using Kettle Bells

One of the most popular areas that seem to lag in people are the glutes and the hamstrings. What we are going to do here is start to, if you will, retrain the nervous system. We have talked about this a couple of times before. We are going to create an exercise that will turn on these nerve fibers and get them firing the way they should and so in this next exercise we are going to use a kettle-bell.

Now we are going to add a variation to the kettle-bell swing. We are going to add the ability to maintain the shoulders squared off which really reflects on core strength. This is great for conditioning, but in this case not only are we turning those nerve fibers to get to the glutes and the hamstrings and even the lower back but we are also turning on some of the fibers that maintain trunk stability, core stability.

I can’t say enough about this exercise. It really, really covers all muscle groups and it’s a variation of the swing. You know it’s going to be something you probably are going to have to try a couple of times before you actually can do this over and over again. This is more tiring than anything I have shown you so far with kettle-bells. This is going to really work your upper body as well as your lower body.

This exercise that can do wonders for the hip area. You know so many women complain about the area outside of their thighs, lateral to their thighs, the area around the glutes and you know they are worried about saddlebags and this and that. This is an exercise that not only can help them get in shape because you know, after all, it’s just about getting rid of the body fat there and also shaping that area and make it look nice, make it look tone, make it look athletic.

This next exercise is really geared toward iso-lateral training. In other words, we are going to do one leg at a time. I say one leg at a time but what I really mean is we are going to focus on one hip at a time. We are going to focus on the muscles that move the hip, the glutes and the hamstrings just like in the kettle-bell swings except in this one we are adding a slight variation.