Download the instructions and images from the strength building exercise videos
10 Books of Exercises For Download
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    Download all the exercises and instruction found in the Workout Video Library in PDF format. Print selected pages or load them into your iPad or book reader for easy reference.

    All the Exercises in one Download

    All the exercises, including photos, instruction and commentary
    from the Workout Video Library. Over 185 exercises for strength
    and fitness to last for years!

    Each of the exercise books below have just the specific exercises
    for each category.

    Exercises for the Arms

    Total triceps and biceps conditioning for
    optimum size and strength!

    Exercises for the Back

    Wide back, V-Shape, big lats…
    The Back is where it’s at!

    Exercises for the Chest

    Build huge pecs and improve your strength with safe
    and proper lifting technique!

    Exercises for the Shoulders

    Capping your shoulders to make you look
    and compete like a Super Athlete!

    Exercises for the Core and Abs

    Streamline your body with foundational core
    exercises for that lean and fit look!

    Exercises for the Legs

    Build solid muscle in your glutes, hams, thighs
    and calves for peak athletic performance!

    Exercises For Women

    Shaping your thighs, butt, abs and core for that
    aesthetic look you’ve always wanted! And it’s not just for women!

    Exercises For Ages 45+

    Reclaim your athletic fitness for years to come with
    full body strength and mobility exercises!

    Kettle Bell Exercises

    Creating dynamic full body movement for strength and
    flexibility using kettle Bells!