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Here you will find all the videos, downloads and tutorials you will ever need to build muscle and strength.

- Food Myths & Label Reading
- Effect of Sugar on the Body
- Why Detox and Purification

Downloadable ebooks with all the strength building exercises you will ever need, plus the weekly workouts and nutrition plans used by Dennis while preparing for Arnold Classic, and more.

Interviews with experts in fitness and nutrition as well as regular people with busy schedules who find the time to make a huge difference in their fitness and overall well being. They share from their experience and what they did to get in top shape and then stay that way and the difference it has made for them.

- 7 Segments on Basic Workout Strategies
- Split Routine Workouts
- Heavy Weights Workouts

Brittany reveals her secrets to fast and easy meals that are nutritious and ready to eat when you are on the go.